Speakers about text: 

Dr. Hans Petschar, Director of Picture Archives, Austrian National Library 

Hans Petschar is a historian, picture archivist and librarian at the Austrian National Library, where he is the director of the Photo Archives and Graphics Department. In 2015/16 he served as the visiting Marshall Plan Chair at the University of New Orleans. 

He has curated many exhibits at the Austrian National Library, among them, The Young Republic: Austria 1945-1955 (2005), Old Austria. Peoples and Territories of the Habsburg Monarchy (2011) and “The Eternal Emperor. Franz Joseph I. 1830 – 1916” (2016). 

He has published on Library History, the late Habsburg Monarchy and the post-World War II. With Günter Bischof he is the author of The Marshall Plan since 1947: Saving Europe, Rebuilding Austria (English and German editions Vienna 2017).